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     You can't miss his eyeball poppin' photos in Entertainer club ads. You often wonder what his "XXX Rated" rock is all about, but make no mistake about it, Stevie Starlite is one of the hardest working and longest running club acts on the suburban circuit.

     Back in 1988, Mick Hans reviewed Stevie's newest cassette released in his "Around Hear" column. "Stevie Starlite shakes and leers his way through originals like 'The Girl With The Scab' and 'Baby Are You Stanky' on his new Live From The South Side cassette. I'm sure Starlite's ex-girlfriends wondered if he was writing about them. Even with his abrasive demeanor, Starlite can still be found packin' em in almost [38 years] later."

-Illinois Entertainer

"Speaking of Legendary Entertainers...
Stevie Starlite, who has been around just a little bit longer than me, clearly is Chicagolandís most unique entertainer. His humor, blue as it is, is hysterical. His X-rated rock & roll show is as must-see as Tony & Tinaís Wedding, or, like the Wizard of Oz, everybody should see it at least once."

-Bart Loiacono, Suburban Nitelife

     It's a far cry from "Stars and Stripes forever." But nobody does shock rock like Stevie Starlite. Those who are sick and tired of pristine, politically correct pop tunes can revel in Starlite's unapologetically smutty but indisputably well-crafted rock tunes. So if you don't offend easily and like a good show, check out Starlite.

-Southtown Newspaper

O'Connor pub - Chicago Ridge
September 24, 2010
Just came from my good friend Stevie Starlite's gig and I must say, in a parallel universe, this would be the hottest ticket on Broadway...and I mean that as a compliment. Let me say, that if you're uber-sensitive or prefer the politically correct, this show is NOT for you but if you don't mind a joke at others' expense or some very BLUE sarcasm, you certainly can't beat the bang for the buck.

Stevie's been at this 38 yrs. and going strong... and it shows! This is a 3 piece act that would make Blue Man Group BLUSH...killer guitar, rhythm section from outer space, awesome vocals, totally professional in every way and tight as an....well, you know. Great stuff Stevie! Thanks for the inspiration!

- Jack Casey

"Credit for the first guitar synthesizer probably should go to our friends at Hagstrom, who, working with their American distributers, Ampeg, introduced the Hagstrom Swede Patch 2000 system in 1976."

"The Patch 2000 came as both guitar and bass, and was endorsed by performers including Larry Coryell, Frank Zappa, Steve Pacelli, Bob Walsh, Be Bop Deluxe's Bill Nelson, Daryl Stuermer, and Herb Ellis."

-Vintage Guitar Magazine - February 2005

   "There was a chill in the air and a packed house waiting when Stevie Starlite made his arrival at St. John's Pub in St. John, IN."

"I really didn't know what to expect, but had heard his humor was a bit crude. Humor? Are we going to see a comedian or a rocker?"

"If you get a chance to go see Stevie, DO IT. A lot of fun for your entertainment dollar. Leave your PC friends at home though." More here

-Region Rock Memories

Thanks to Mike who runs, a website dedicated to preserving the memories of great rock & roll shows featured at local midwestern venues.



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    ...after his band "ONE POUND ROUND" broke up, Starlite formed a new group, taking his stage name from a Chicago Ridge drive-in theater that has since closed. "Now it sounds kind of hokey and showbiz, but I like that"...FULL ARTICLE


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