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Hot stuff for you to do this weekend
by Terry Loncaric, Southtown Newspaper

Stevie likes it when his fans talk dirty!

      Stevie Starlite knows he's had a good night when his fans talk dirty to him. It is part of his repartee because he talks dirty too.

       The king of shock rock sings his X-rated parodies 9:30 p.m. Friday at Champs, 5728 W. 87th St. Burbank.

       Forget political correctness. Starlite is foul, outrageous - and some would say - racist and sexist. The Evergreen Park resident says he is just giving his fans what they want. "They come to my show because it's a total outlet," Starlite admits. "You can do anything at my shows and get away with it. If you want to sing with the band, you can sing with the band. If you want to scream, you can."

       Starlite got inspired to write twisted parodies after touring with Frank Zappa and watching the master at work. "I just got tired of seeing boring bands," he says. " I just said !@#%!*, I'm going to do it the way I want to do it.

       Starlite runs on adrenaline and naughtiness, and the audience loves it when he takes on hecklers or drinks a shot of jaegermeister with them. Even the chubby women he picks on in the audience flirt with him after the show.

       Starlite says his fans would be disappointed if he stopped picking on overweight women, acting like a sexist pig and spewing obscenities. It is part of his charm.

       The bratty rock singer even reads his hate mail on stage. " I believe that everything has a boiling point," Starlite says, " and I push it."

       Starlite, who sings and plays a mean guitar, admits he's more of an entertainer than a great songwriter." I'm not that good of a songwriter," he says, " but I know how to write a hook that is going to get the audience to pay attention to the song."

       Southside audiences like him, Starlite says, because he doesn't try to be cool. " The southside audiences," Starlite says, " know what shakes with a band. We don't have our heads up our trendy butts."

       Starlite says when he and the band are shaking the plaster they forget they're middle-aged men.

       " We play our butts off," Starlite says. " if we get people to scream we know we've done our jobs."