Southtown Newspaper
February 19, 1984

(Photo 2-12-00)
Stevie Starlite a.k.a. Stephen Pacelli is already a veteran of self- production and promotion.

The Evergreen Park resident has recorded an album, "Don't You Dare Touch my D.A.," and two EPs, "Fuzzy Dice" and the recently-released "Old Brown Eye is Back."

Pacelli's creative approach has resulted in his Snorko record label and a healthy following. "D.A." sold over 2,000 copies, mostly in the local environs.

He works to promote the record with a relentless schedule of bookings at a variety of clubs.

Not that he didn't try to generate major label interest. Pacelli was quickly categorized. His music is straight rock 'n' roll with a respectful nod toward Gene Vincent and other primal figures who weren't afraid to let it all hang out.

His live act is, to be polite, somewhat blue. Demure club patrons unaware of his stage persona can get shell-shocked by the language.

But off-stage and on record, Pacelli has been devoted to a pure sound (he recorded "D.A." in mono and "Old Brown Eye" in barely-stereo without the lewd behavior).

Still, it's not the type of sound the A&R people from major labels are begging to record.

"I sent acetates of the first album everywhere," he said. "I always got the typical 'we're not interested in this kind of stuff at this time' reply. Arista was interested and a guy came out, saw the show and that was it. He left after the first set and never said anything." No doubt his ears were burning.

"If I ever have any amount of success, it will be on a local level. I'm going to stick with what I'm doing."